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    Water + Electricity = Water-Based Hand & Surface Disinfectant

    Eleclean Portable is the world’s first portable hand and surface sanitiser device that produces safe and effective sanitising solution using water, within 15 minutes.

    Through the use of nano-catalysis electrochemical technology, water is directly transformed into Reactive Oxygen Species (ROS) that effectively destroys 99% of viruses and bacteria.

    Just 3 steps and 1 click to produce
    1. Add 15ml of tap or drinking water
    2. Press a button
    3. Allow 15 minutes for the transformation

    Your water-based sanitiser is ready for use!

    1 click to activate, or re-produce

    The sterilisation effect of the water-based disinfectant will last for 72 hours since no chemical preservatives or stabilizers are added. Simply re-activate to get fresh high reactive oxygen disinfectant in under 15 minutes.

    Replacing Activated Carrier
    • Activated Carrier (goes to an external link) is the only consumable item required
    • Each set can be used up to 150 times
    • Producing a total of 2250ml (15ml x 150 times)
    • 1 set included with each Portable Disinfectant Device
    Eleclean is completely odourless, tasteless, non-irritable and chemical-free. You know what you are spraying!

    Food-safe, child-safe, and pet-safe, too.


    Effectively eliminates viruses and bacteria.


    Non-chemical based sanitiser. Re-useable bottle and recyclable parts.


    Re-produce your own, using water.

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